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"Dr. Emanuele is beyond amazing. The office staff are so friendly, warm and welcoming; and the office is beautiful and run extremely professionally. I have never experienced a long wait or anything other than top notch treatment, and I always leave so happy and smiling. I know this is not a biased review, because I have referred many friends to East End Plastic Surgery and Laser, and everyone has the same opinion; 5 stars across the board. It is rare to find a doctor who remembers you, and takes the time to be personable and caring. When I began Coming here, years ago, I was a bit down on myself. Most doctors would take advantage and capitalize on low self esteem by offering unnecessary treatments or trying to upsell, but not Dr. Emanuele.. she is so professional and wants her patients to look and feel their very best, which is a quality more doctors SHOULD share, but unfortunately it is a rarity. She is an absolute gem, I highly recommend this practice!"

-Kathryn, via Yelp


"I don't usually write reviews but in this case I must. I can only say that my experience with East End Plastic Surgery has been so wonderful!! Upon entering I was greeted by three smiling faces that immediately put me at ease. It was so relieving to be treated with such kindness which made my trepidation disappear. It seemed as if each patient was taken on time and left smiling. I finished my paperwork and was led back by a most cheerful young women. Upon meeting the Dr. I was totally at ease. She was friendly, and listened as I made my requests. She really took her time with me and explained everything fully. I must say, I was not rushed or treated as just a number. I am totally satisfied with the outcome and I too walked out smiling as all the patients before me. I will be returning and bringing my friends! A wonderful experience!"

-Janice, via Yelp


"It was that one morning two months ago, I finally had the courage to make the call and do something about a part of my body that I despised for years. I got Joan on the phone with her cheerful and engaging voice, "East End Plastic Surgery..." she said, and from there she proceeded to educate me on the process of a tummy tuck. Joan is a big reason why I had the courage to proceed to come in at that point.

Then cautiously coming in and meeting you - so down to earth, bright, direct and HYSTERICAL, you immediately put me at ease and I knew that if I was going to proceed YOU were the one. I subsequently cancelled the 2nd and 3rd consults I had scheduled.

So how many times can someone say thank you for something that has changed their life? I'm sure you've had hundreds of patients and they have all been so happy with the phenomenal work you do, but I really wanted to let you know the impact your expertise has had on my life - both physically and emotionally. Physically you cut, but emotionally you have wiped away a huge insecurity. I only wish I had met you 5 years earlier - although I wasn't sure I was finished having children at that point.

In the work that we do as professional women, it is always nice to feel appreciated and truly know when we have touched people or made an absolute difference for the better in their lives. You have done this for me. I needed to take this opportunity to make sure you knew.

Thank you so much, Dr. Emanuele. You have given me a second chance to get this body in the shape that I dream about, and you have helped to erase a scar that no longer exists or weighs me down. I look forward to continuing to heal under your care and to start kicking up those workouts in the near future."

- Jessica


"The first time I came to East End Plastic Surgery & Laser Center I was looking to reduce some fine lines and signs of aging. I heard about the skin tightening treatment on the radio. I came to the office and I felt so comfortable with the staff and Dr. Emanuele. Everybody was so caring and helpful. I had a series of three skin tyte treatments on my face and neck. I saw an immediate change in the composition of my skin, but the biggest improvement came 4 to 6 months after my series. My laugh lines just faded away – it was really cool. The area under my eyes and crow’s feet tightened up with better elasticity and I just looked more youthful. I would recommend this treatment for anyone who is looking to enhance their appearance and look more natural and youthful. I tell everyone about Dr. Emanuele and her staff. You will find the individual care and professional expertise that you are looking for here."

- Claire


"I first went to Dr. Judy Emanuele to fix a prior botched surgery. We had a lengthy discussion regarding what was and was not possible given the condition I was in. It was reassuring to have a doctor address my concerns in a humane, logical and honest way. My situation was complex but I walked away very satisfied with the results and have been seeing Dr. Emanuele for ten years now. I see her regularly for fillers, Botox and whatever else crops up. She has never let me down. The highest praise I can give a plastic surgeon is that they are willing to try to understand what it is that you want for yourself. She does not approach a patient with a preconceived aesthetic from a book, unless that’s what you ask for. I don’t want to look fake or like anybody else. I want to look like a tweaked but natural and youthful me, and that’s what I get. Even people I see every day simply think I’m aging extremely well and frequently ask questions like 'What do you eat, anyway?' (coworker), 'How can you possibly be the same age as me?' (friend who doesn’t know he’s younger than I), 'Do you bathe in formaldehyde?' (cousin). While having drinks with a friend who is one year older than I, a woman came to our table to comment on how nice it is to see people from different generations having so much fun together. She then asked if my friend was my mother. When I said no, she replied 'aunt?' Need I say more?"

- Ruth


I have been going to East End Plastic Surgery for different treatments for about 3 years now. Recently I signed up for 5 sessions of Skintyte, which is a procedure that tightens the skin on the face and gives the "appearance" of a soft facelift. I am on my 4th session and already in 4 months I am seeing these results. My skin is firmer, tighter and looks as though I took a few years off!

- BL

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