Laser Services

HALO: Hybrid Fractional Laser

We are please to be the only provider in Nassau and Suffolk county to offer the first hybrid fractional laser and the latest technology in laser skin resurfacing. Please visit our HALO page for more information.

BBL Photo Facial

A BBL Photo Facial is a noninvasive skin rejuvenation treatment that requires minimal downtime and produces dramatically luminous, younger-looking skin. Photo Facials work best for clients who are bothered by sun damage, age spots, brown spots, and excess redness and pigmentation.

At East End Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Riverhead, NY, BBL Photo Facials (also known as Photo Rejuvenation) deliver broadband light (BBL) filtered to a wavelength that is selectively absorbed by the targeted tissues with minimal effect on surrounding skin, treating and erasing age spots, sun-induced freckles, symptoms of rosacea, birthmarks, unsightly veins, acne scarring, and other blemishes. Best of all, results are visible almost immediately.

SkinTyte™  Laser Skin Tightening

Firm & Tighten Sagging Skin!

You can greatly benefit from SkinTyte™ Laser Skin Tightening at East End Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Suffolk County, NY. SkinTyte™ also helps to improve mild acne scars and reduces the pore size on the skin. This therapy can also reduce fine lines around the lips, mouth and eyes and re-gain the firm appearance of youthful, supple skin.

This light energy, non-invasive treatment for skin laxity is safer and more effective than ever before. East End Plastic Surgery & Laser Center uses the Sciton SkinTyte™ laser for safe, infrared light energy and advanced skin cooling technology to comfortably deliver heat below the skin’s surface for increased tissue tightening and reduced skin laxity. 

Bright & Tyte Package

The Bright & Tyte Package is a combination of BBL Photo Facials and SkinTyte Laser Skin Tightening. The package is a combination of 5 treatments that are packaged together at a special price. The Bright & Tyte is a great maintenace package after your HALO treatment to keep your collagen production going.

Hair Removal

Trade in Your Razor!

Laser Hair Removal is a safe, effective, noninvasive treatment that removes unwanted hair without damaging the skin.

At East End Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Suffolk County, NY, our Laser Hair Removal is suited for most skin types and skin colors. This system uses laser light, an intense, pulsating beam of light that passes through the skin to the hair follicle where the energy is absorbed and transformed into heat, disabling the follicle while leaving the surrounding area unaffected. 

Facial Veins – Vascular & Redness Treatment

If you’re bothered by spider veins, visible blood vessels, broken capillaries, rosacea or even severe redness and pigmentation problems like “port wine stains” (birthmarks) on the face, East End Plastic Surgery & Laser Center offers unmatched efficacy and safety for treating and erasing virtually all facial vascular lesions using the 1064 YAG for spider veins and visible blood vessels and (BBL) Photo Rejuvenation depending on your skins condition.

Laser Facial Vein Treatment can restore a clear, even skin tone and color, improving unsightly blemishes and vascular structures from the upper layer of the skin’s surface with powerful yet non-irritating laser heat. After Laser Facial Vein Treatment at East End Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Suffolk County, NY, your complexion will be noticeably more youthful and radiant, decreasing the need for heavy cover-ups, foundations, and concealers. 

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